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Roads inside the park will enable smooth flow of traffic through the park and will improve the efficiency of the park.

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Street Lighting

Thesse lighting will be convenient for the tenants and other residents of the park during night and during times of low visibility.

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Compound Wall

A compound wall and/or barbed fencing is required for security reasons of the park. A single entry/exit point shall keep a check on the movement in the area and avoid any undesirable entities from entering the park.

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These facilities will be used by tenants for treatment of effluents; water and sewage generated inside the park before disposal and will be a step towards contributing towards cleaner environment.

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Water Tank

A water tank of 1400 KL has been proposed for the park. This shall effectively be used for storing water that shll be utilized by the units in the park.

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An underground sewer system shall be developed in the park for carrying off sewage and rain water.

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Storm Water Drain

This will be designed inside the park for effecive drainage of undesirable water from various units of the park.

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Fire Fighting

This is one of the vital enabling infra which shall be used during emergency of fire outbreak.

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HT Substation

These facilities will be used for providing power and other facilities where ever required.

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Guest house

This facility will be required to provide lodging and boarding facilities to guests, visiting trainers and other officials from different companies.

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Training Centre

A separate training centre for farmers and extension cell of the procurement team is required to help all subject matter specilists and trainers to impart knowledge and training effectively to the stakeholders. THe objective of this centre shall be to develop of fural entreprenu=eurship skills and transer of technology for food processing.

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Administrative Building for tenants

The administrative building shall house offices of various tenants along with that of the promoters. This shall enable the tenants to have their manufacturing as well as administrative units at a single location. THis sall also be an enabler for the smooth functioning of MFP.

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Medical Clicnic

The presence of a medical clinic in a MFP is vital so that immediate medical help can be provided in case of any emergency. The facility shall be avilable to all the tenants, staff working in various units, labourers and their families.

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This will facilitate the working and productivity of women workers in the park. This day care unit will take care of needs of children of various age groups by providing them suitable facilities.

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